Michelin New York premia una sola pizzeria con il Bib Gourmand: Una Pizza Napoletana di Anthony Mangieri prima con I Masanielli per 50 Top Pizza World 2022

Anthony Mangieri – foto credits New York Times

di Albert Sapere

Guida Michelin e pizza un matrimonio che non s’ha da fare o forse si. Il Direttore di Michelin Italia Sergio Lovrinovich ha dichiarato lo scorso autunno: “Sappiamo che la pizza continua ad essere un tema che suscita molto interesse e curiosità. Al momento però, il nostro approccio non ha subito modifiche”. Come riportato dall’intervista concessa a Scatti di Gusto. Nella guida della passata edizione le pizzerie in guida sono sette, tutte a Napoli città.

  1. 3.0 Ciro Cascella
  2. 50 Kalò
  3. Da Concettina ai Tre Santi
  4. Gino Sorbillo ai Tribunali
  5. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele
  6. La Notizia
  7. Palazzo Petrucci Pizzeria

Unica eccezione: Simone Padoan con I Tigli a San Bonifacio

Diversa la situazione nella guida Michelin di New York. 109 locali riceveno il riconoscimento di Bib Gourmand. Il Bib Gourmand – nome che si rifà al bonario Omino MICHELIN, Bibendum, nonché mascotte ufficiale del Gruppo – è un apprezzato riconoscimento per locali informali in grado di proporre una piacevole esperienza gastronomica, con un menu completo a meno di 35 €. Tra questi 109, 4 servono pizza, 1 locale solo pizza.

Una Pizza Napoletana di Anthony Mangieri, pizzeria n°1 al mondo con i Masanielli di Francesco Martucci, per 50 Top Pizza World 2022, è l’unico locale che serve solo ed esclusivamente pizza, come si legge anche dalla recensione ad ottenere il riconoscimento di Bib Gourmand. (qui il link con tutti i 109 locali Bib Gourmand di New York)

Una Pizza Napoletana
175 Orchard St., New York, 10002, USA
La recensione della Guida Michelin
After rallying crowds on both coasts of the country, pizza maestro Anthony Mangieri has settled down into this airy, black-and white-tiled hall lined with canned tomatoes and eager diners. He is serious about his craft and is usually the one tending to the wood-burning oven, which yields glorious Neapolitan-style pies with fluffy edges, papery crusts and minimal toppings that hardly go beyond bubbly gumdrops of mozzarella di bufala and sweet tomato sauce. Indeed, this is a team that cannot be bothered with anything else besides pizza. There are no appetizers – unless you count marinated olives or a jar of beans – and the dessert is limited to sorbet or gelato. Reservations are tough to score, but walk-ins can always aim early for the bar.

Le altre tre attività che servono pizza, ma anche piatti cucinati, premiate con il Bib Gourmand nella guida Michelin New York.

Norma Gastronomia Siciliana
438 Third Ave., New York, 10016, USA
La recensione della Guida Michelin

To think of these arancini as mere “rice balls” is a slight on Sicilian cuisine; they are so much more. Nowhere else in the city will you dine on such crisp, classic beauties—filled with ragù, peas, mozzarella and rice cooked in chicken stock, then presented in a pool of light tomato sauce. Rest assured though as the menu goes on to list other authentic and deliciously rendered items, including the ‘rianata pizza of Trapani. The rustic space is filled with old, crackle-glazed platters that probably held the exact style of the rich anelletti al forno, back in the Old Country. Before you leave, stock up on specialty ingredients that are strategically displayed for sale. Wine bottles racked up along the walls hint at a lengthy and noteworthy selection.

261 Moore St., New York, 11206, USA
La recensione della Guida Michelin
Entering through this (now) iconic red door is like a trip through the looking glass and into Bushwick’s foodie wonderland. The city’s love affair with Roberta’s seems stronger each year, and for good reason. Everything from the industrial space to the underground bohemian vibe epitomizes Brooklyn-chic. Takeaway is always an option, so when the wait for a table is too long, snag a porchetta sandwich to-go. Queens native Carlo Mirarchi is the master craftsman here, turning out a range of creatively named pizzas, including one that mixes pineapple and prosciutto, soppressata and jalapeño, or arrabiata with sesame seeds. Groups might consider sharing a beautifully browned, half-moon calzone stuffed with pepperoni as well as melted ricotta and caciocavallo.

235 Mulberry St., New York, 10012, USA
La recensione della Guida Michelin
Push through this classic SoHo street, dotted with boutiques and coffee shops, and head straight into Rubirosa’s narrow, dimly lit dining room simply to discover how very cool pizza can be. Although it’s loud and may be cramped with the requisite 80s tunes blaring overhead, this adept Italian-American kitchen is bright with classic dishes and an heirloom pizza recipe from Joe and Pat’s on Staten Island that’s 57-years-old and counting. This classic pie balances a crisp, cracker-thin crust with tart tomato sauce and oven-melting mozzarella. And the handmade pastas are highly recommended—you can’t go wrong with a bowl of chittara and hefty meatballs. Half portions allow diners to enjoy more of this cooking; gluten-free options ensure everyone can enjoy it.